Monitar, an investment house specializing in managing portfolios for private clients,
companies, non-profit organizations, government authorities and foreign 


As we live in a dynamic, ever-changing world it is important to have
the utmost confidence in the people who are handling your investments,
and to be sure that your money is being managed by highly experienced
investors who use the most advanced financial tools.


It is just as important to know that, no matter the time or place,
we are always here for you and looking after your investments.


That is why we founded  Monitar – an investment house
that specializes in wealth management and a smarter and more
profitable home for your investments.


 At Monitar we tailor your portfolio specifically to suit your needs,
plans and personality, since your appetite for risk and your personal
outlook on investments are unique.


For us, managing your portfolio is a privilege, a commitment,
and a challenge. And our mission is clear:
to maximize your investment returns and to increase your wealth.

 Price is what you pay.
Value is what you get.– Warren Buffett