Our rich experience in the Capital Markets has taught us
that consistent, methodical usage of data is the basis
for earning excess returns over a long period of time.


The Monitar investment policy has been developed based on in-depth
financial analysis conducted by the company’s research department.
The Board of Directors of Monitar has incorporated an investment
committee, whose members are highly knowledgeable and experienced
in the Capital Markets in Israel and abroad.


This committee meets periodically, with the aim of developing
a successful investment policy and an educated strategy.
The committee also frequently examines changes that have occurred
in the capital markets in Israel and overseas, in order to assess risks,
identify opportunities, and evaluate the impact of such changes
on the structure and on the securities in our clients’ portfolios.
The investment managers at Monitar use the most advanced tools
and technologies for analyzing data. All relevant information
is reviewed and cross-checked, based on local and global
macro evaluations, while focusing on the objective:
to achieve improved portfolio performance and enhanced returns.




 The Monitar investment managers constantly assess investment opportunities
,and examine micro and macro changes. As we are also highly familiar
with the inefficiencies of the Capital Markets, we take advantage of them
and operate in full confidence, applying financial tools that help us
manage risk and maximize returns. In an endless ocean of data,
our mission is to turn data into knowledge, and knowledge – into an advantage.




We work bottom up, collecting data: through comprehensive financial analysis,
we identify the most suitable companies in which to invest, study their financial
reports, conduct professional data analysis, and extensively calculate their
intrinsic value. We also meet with key managers, analyze trends and sectors,
and follow these companies performance continuously.

Working upwards, examining trends and processes: Decisions are made based
on macro analysis, understanding long-term processes, relying on economical parameters, using risk-simplifying models, and examining the abilities and flexibility of the portfolio.


The Monitar Expertise: Asking the right questions, finding the preferred
investment options, and identifying undervalued stocks and bonds.
Knowing how to achieve excess returns on investments for our clients.


The Monitar research professionals are constantly in touch with key managers
in the companies in which we invest, in order to obtain a clear and updated status of the
companies and their sectors. Valuations are based on various quantitative
models, with the aim of optimizing investment decisions.

The Monitar investment and financial professionals continuously translate
this accumulated knowledge into financial results.

 Our mission is to transform information into knowledge,
and knowledge into advantage.