Monitar offers responsible and informed portfolio management.


Our clients enjoy the benefits of the vast experience which we have acquired over
many years of successful participation in the financial markets. The knowledge we gained
in managing funds for private and institutional clients, non-profit organizations,
and public authorities, allows us to maximize your portfolio performance.


Monitar’s portfolio managers will be happy to meet with you in order to understand
your investment needs and discuss your aims and expectations. Together we will
be able to determine the optimal exposer profile for your portfolio and develop an investment
program which best suits your specific needs.   


Giving answers means listening first.


Managing your portfolio also includes providing answers at all times, listening to your
aspirations and expectations, making joint decisions, and above all – being there for you.
It is important for us to get to know you so that we can build a portfolio that suits
your lifestyle, character and life outlook. It is important to look at tax aspects and
future plans in order to maximize profits, while diversifying investments in Israel
and around the world.  Our research department helps us analyze the overall picture,
build tools, provide answers and translate them into profits.


Managing your portfolio with full transparency, while receiving reports from Monitar
and from the bank, ensuring access to your portfolio at all times. Our mission
is to manage your money at a low risk, while ensuring high return on investments.

Monitar believes in investing directly in securities that have been carefully chosen

for you, and avoids investing in mutual funds.


At Monitar we believe that in order to create an effective portfolio, we have

to first get to know the client.


An introductory meeting with a senior account manager can take place anywhere,
anytime – at your convenience. During this meeting, we will get to know your capabilities,
expectations and needs, define targets, and determine your portfolio policy and content.

Your portfolio manager will begin building your portfolio as soon as the agreement is signed.


Please note: The portfolio will be managed in your personal bank account
of your choice. Monitar will update you regarding your portfolio
and in addition you will have constant access to your bank account.
You will also be able to follow your portfolio via the internet.

 God is in the details –                                 
  it is not different in the Capital Markets.