The Monitar Investment House manages the Monitar Set hedge fund that specializes
in overseeing stock investments, and specializes in writing PUT options with a focus
on stocks that are traded on the US stock exchange.


The Set Fund caters to conservative investors seeking low volatility
fund management. The fund manager maintains a diversified portfolio
with relatively high liquidity.

Monitar Set Fund is an Israeli limited partnership that works closely
with the Monitar Investment House research department and relies on
the rich database of more than 1,000 companies and over 20 years of historical data.
Our proprietary and advanced system was developed to monitor real-time
market activity and serves the fund manager with constant market updates.
These systems help the fund manager in making smarter
and more informed investment decisions.


Monitar’s unique in-house research, uncovers investment opportunities with undervalued
companies in a volatile stock market. The fund manager’s investment methodology is
writing PUT options on stocks that are expected to yield excess returns.


Writing PUT option offers two alternatives to the fund manager:

Receipt of full premium / Receipt of full premium + purchase of stock at low price
We maintain a conservative investment approach and sector diversity,
while managing risk within low standard deviation.
The fund targets private and institutional investors.



 I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor,
and rich is better.– Mae West